Romania urges Romanians to leave Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) once again urged Romanian citizens to avoid non-essential trips to Russia or leave the country as soon as possible if there. The recommendation comes amid Russia’s drive to mobilize more men for the war in Ukraine.

„The MAE strongly reminds and reiterates the recommendations addressed to Romanian citizens since February this year to avoid non-essential travel to the Russian Federation, and to those who are temporarily in this country to consider leaving the territory of the Russian Federation as soon as possible”, reads MAE’s statement.

The ministry also urges Romanian citizens in Russia „to avoid places where public gatherings or large crowds of people are present and not to engage in possible protest actions or other demonstrations that may generate street violence”.

Romanians are also advised to register their presence in Russia „without delay” through the platform ( The website can be accessed from a PC, laptop or mobile phone.


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