Romanian archbishop fined for holding service while in Covid quarantine

Foto: INQUAM/Lavinia Cioacă

Police on Monday  fined a Romanian Orthodox archbishop for holding a religious service while he was in quarantine.

His Beatitude Tomis, Teodosie, who is notoriously rebellious, received a fine of 1,000 lei (about 200 euros) on Monday  after he celebrated a service in the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in the Black Sea town of Constanta.

Religious services are being held in Orthodox churches nationwide on Monday to celebrate the Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities.

The outspoken cleric has been in quarantine since January 21 after coming into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus.

Teodosie has regularly run afoul of pandemic rules.

He gained national notoriety after officiating services in defiance of Covid-19 restrictions.

The hardline cleric is often at odds even within the Romanian Orthodox Church.

In 2020 just after the pandemic began, he caused a stir when he celebrated Easter several weeks late, flouting  strict lockdown rules which canceled Easter services that year.

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