Romanian court orders arrest of five individuals suspected of smuggling cannabis from Spain

A Bucharest court has ordered the arrest of five individuals who are suspected of trafficking 15 kilograms of cannabis.

Romanian police caught the five as they tried to sell the drugs on Sunday and a court later ordered they be arrested for 30 days. The five were identified only by their initials.

A statement from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism said Monday that the group were suspected of transporting about 27 kilograms of cannabis from Spain to Romania late last week with the purpose of selling it. 

It said that police, anti-drug officers and organized crime prosecutors organized a set-up and caught two people as they were trying to sell 15 kilograms of the drugs to two others.

It said officials then carried out house searches and found a further 12 kilograms of cannabis.

The drugs have a market value of 280, 000 euros.

It said they confiscated 40,000 lei, 12,220 euros, six mobile phones and SIM cards.


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