Romanian Football Federation calls for lifting of alcohol ban that prevents fans drinking beer in stadiums

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Romania’s Football Federation wants a review of a 28-year-old beer ban at football stadiums, saying the rules are outdated and fans should be allowed to relax with a drink at the game.

Andrei Vochin, the adviser to federation chief Răzvan Burleanu, said Romania should lift the ban to be in line with rules in other European countries.

“It’s really stupid. I  go to all European stadiums and you can drink a low alcohol beer, that’s why people came to the game, to drink a beer, eat a sandwich, have a chat,” Vochin told Mediafax news agency.

“We have a rule that bans the sale of this kind of alcoholic drink for a kilometer around the stadium,” he said.

“We’ve been trying to get this changed for five years and we’re still trying, but we don’t know where to file the papers, because the minister’s changed,” he said.

Romania banned the consumption in public places in 1991. A public space is defined as parks, theaters and cinemas, football stadiums, buses and railway stations. The law also allows for spaces that are specially designated for alcohol consumption within these places, such as a bar in a theater.

People who break the law risk fines between 100 and 500 lei.

Romania is not the only European country trying to get a review of the alcohol ban.

Last year, English Football League boss Shaun Harvey called for a change in rules in the UK saying the ban on fans drinking alcohol in the stands, was „disproportionate.”

Britain has banned football fans from drinking alcohol within view of the pitch since 1985, despite supporters of other sports and concert-goers being able to do so, sometimes even at football stadiums.

The law was introduced in the UK after years of disorder at matches and was an attempt to balance fans’ right to enjoy a drink, and the clubs’ desire to sell them drinks, with concerns about alcohol’s link with anti-social behavior and violence.


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