Romanian hospital built from private donations to treat Covid-19 patients completed

Daruieste Viata, spital Covid-19
Daruieste Viata, spital Covid-19

A modular hospital built by a non-governmental organization to treat Covid-19 patients and provide support to Romania’s underfunded heath care system is ready to take patients.

It took two months and 2 million euros to construct the 38-bed modular hospital, money that was raised from donations made by more than 250,000 people and from company sponsorships.

When construction work on the hospital began in early April, Romania had 2,738 cases. Since then, the total of confirmed cases has risen to 23,080, with 320 in the last day.

The hospital is located in the grounds of the Elias Hospital in Bucharest and will receive patients who need treatment in intensive care units, patients with infectious diseases, and after the pandemic, burns patients.  

Elias Hospital representatives said it would receive coronavirus patients or patients with other infectious diseases.

Daruieste Viata said on its Facebook page that the hospital is „proof that hospitals with medical circuits, with air treatment installations, with medical gas supply systems for every bed can be built.”

The hospital adds to the number of intensive care beds available for coronavirus patients.  It will also increase the number of beds available to patients with burn injuries, amid a nationwide shortage.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Daruieste Viata poured all the donations it received to support local hospitals in fighting the virus.

The health ministry and the Elias Hospital will be in charge of endowing and running the facility, according to a press release in April.

Daruieste Viata was founded by Oana Gheorghiu and Carmen Uscatu in 2015. They are raising money to build the first children’s cancer hospital in the country. Since 2015, some 300, 000 people and 4,000 companies have contributed to the project.

U.S. heavy metal band Metallica donated 250,000 euros for the construction of the hospital. It held a sold-out concert in the capital in August 2019 which was attended by a record 50,000 spectators.


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