Romanian police destroy 2 tons of heroin and cocaine

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Police in the Black Sea port of Constanta say almost two tons of illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine and cannabis have been incinerated.

The drugs were taken by truck to the town of Navodari on Wednesday and burned.

Romanian police seized the drugs from 2001 to 2019.

 “Substantial quantities of heroin, cocaine, cannabis, cannabis resin, amphetamines and opium …. will be destroyed with the help of a operator who is authorized to destroy dangerous substances,” a statement prior to the incineration said.

Police said a total of 1.8 tons of drugs, which had been seized in 1,150 criminal cases over the 18-year period were destroyed.

Romanian law says that illegal drugs have to be destroyed.

The substances are usually incinerated by an authorized company in the presence of a commission, which includes representatives from the National Anti-Drug Agency, the Environment Ministry, the police and others.

Organized crime police say that between 1 and 3 tons of drugs are destroyed annually in Romania when there isn’t room for them in special police deposits.

The largest quantity of drugs ever incinerated was five tons, also in Constanta county,


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