Romanian police issued 7,000 provisional protective orders to safeguard domestic abuse victims this year

Romanian police have issued more than 7,000 temporary restraining orders to safeguard domestic abuse victims this year, a rise of 8% rise from 2019.

”Police issue restraining orders when there’s an imminent risk to life of physical integrity or a person’s freedom through an act of domestic violence,”  a police statement said.

Victims requested the vast majority, while 60 were asked for by other people and the rest by non-governmental organizations or other institutions.

There were a total of 7,112 temporary restraining orders handed out by police from Jan-Oct 2020, 8.2% more than for the same period in 2019.

Civil society organizations and women’s rights activists frequently accuse Romanian authorities of failing to protect the victims of domestic abuse.

In October, Parliament adopted legislation allowing the state to prosecute domestic violence even when the victim has dropped the case against her or his alleged aggressor.

Previously, the victim had to lodge a complaint before the prosecution could open a case.

There were 402 violations of the orders, almost 20% less than in 2019, Romania’s National Police Inspectorate in a statement timed to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women.

Courts issued almost 7,000 restraining orders, 5.5% more than the previous year.

Most incidents of domestic abuse, 61.6%  were “beatings and other violent acts”followed by deserting the family, 13.8% and threats which constituted 9.2% of cases.

About 80% of domestic violnec was committed at home. This year there were less children targeted by domestic violence and less cases of children being the perpetrators.

Romanian authorities issued almost 8,000 protection orders to safeguard victims of domestic violence in 20


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