Romanian police looking for new home for 18-year-old horse. ‘Lively, well-trained thoroughbred’ ….. with an intriguing name

Romanian police are looking for new home for an 18-year-old horse that is too old to take part in mounted police duty.

The Romanian Gendarmerie, the equivalent of riot or crowd control police, said the white gelding was well-trained and child-friendly, reported.

„He’s almost 18. His birthday is on June 3, just after Children’s Day. We think that is what makes him so friendly with youngsters. He’s a thoroughbred,  lively and well-trained,” the notice said.

The horse, which has an intriguing name to match his character, has lived an interesting life according to his masters.

Over the years, he took part in numerous official missions such as National Day celebrations on December 1 and even won medals in national steeple races organized by the Romanian Equestrian Federation.

„Now our friend needs new friends. Although he can still move well, his age means he can’t take part in public duty any more. We’re trying to find him a new home, someone to adopt him and offer protection and friendship.”

„We forgot to tell you one tiny but important detail: he responds to the name ‘Charlatan.’ You smiled, didn’t you? He knows how to take advantage when his master’s attention wanders and pinches carrots from his pocket.  But one thing we can guarantee: He has never betrayed our affection and trust we gave him in 18 years of friendship.”

Anyone interested in a horse with a lively nature and interesting life story, should call +4021.409.62.53, Monday to Friday, between 08.00-16.00.

Police horses are seen as both a point of stability and force in turbulent situations, keeping order at mass protests, riots and large-scale events.

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