Romanian Senator infected with new virus faces criminal charges for coronavirus cover-up


Romanian prosecutors are investigating a politician from the ruling Liberal Party after he ignored a warning from NATO that he had been exposed to the novel coronavirus and went on to infect half a dozen people.

 Vergil Chitac, a Senator, attended a NATO meeting in Brussels on February 17-19. The Secretary-General informed participants on March 6 that a French official who’d been at the meeting had tested positive for coronavirus.

Chitac apparetntly ignored the notification and on March 8, he went to a party organized by the Liberal Party where there were 400 guests. He has infected at least six people, three family members, and three party colleagues.

The 56-year-old Senator was taken to hospital without an isolation stretcher and was transferred to intensive care on Monday after his condition deteriorated.

Romania’s general prosecutor’s office said Monday he was facing charges of enabling the spread of the deadly disease by concealing information, according to a justice ministry statement.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban who also was at the March 8 party, went into self isolation at his government villa on Friday. Other Liberal Party  members also went into self-quarantine.


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