Romanian student thrown out of Baccalaureate exam for ‘hi-tech’ cheating


A school student who was caught cheating his Baccalaureate in Romania has been disqualified for attempting to use sophisticated methods to cheat.


The unnamed student who was sitting the end-of-school exam in the Transylvanian  county of Alba was one of nine students who were kicked out for cheating.

What made his case special was the high-tech methods he used.

He placed miniscule metal headphones in his ears the size of a watch battery. They enabled him to receive answers dictated from an outside source.


The headphones were so tiny that they could only be extracted from his ears with a tiny metal wand with a magnet at the end of it.

However, examiners latched on to his trick and threw him out of the exam room in the town of Campeni in northwest Romania. It was unclear how they spotted the cheating.


Romanian school examiners forbid students from taking bags, purses and other objects into the exam, reported.


Exam regulators also stop pupils from taking school text books, dictionaries,  or any electronic device such as memory sticks or tablets into the exams.

Exam hall

Students sitting exams are forbidden from communicating with other students either inside or outside the exam hall. They are not allowed to use notes, paper or any other material that could help them in the exam.


If they are caught, they are disqualified whether or not they have cheated. They are forbidden from sitting exams for the next two years.

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