Romania’s ‘classy’ exit from Euro 2024. Team leaves behind thank you letter in dressing room

Sursa: Facebook

Romania may have exited the Euro 2024 after a 3-0 defeat to the Netherlands, but a ‘classy’ thank you note they left in the dressing room is earning them legions of new fans. Even UEFA called them ‘the perfect guests.’

The knockout  on Tuesday was the country’s  best showing at a major international tournament in 24 years, having not reached the knockout phase of any competition since the quarter-finals of Euro 2000.

Edi Iordanescu’s side topped their group to make the last-16, with the players and fans enjoying every minute of the tournament.

And that went beyond the  final whistle. Pictures on social media show how Romania left their dressing room in an impeccable state, including a letter for the German organizers.

Thank you note left by Romanian team after they exited the Euro 2024.
Sursa: UEFA/Facebook

In the letter,  they said they wede  ‘grateful for everything they have experienced’ during the tournament.

The letter read: EURO 2024 was for each of us one of the most important football experiences lived so far and we are glad that the stage on which it took place was the German one.

‘Every match, every emotion, every experience brought us together and made us feel the magic of football.

‘We leave Germany with the thought that we gave everything for Romania and we are grateful for everything we experienced during the weeks spent here.

‘It was an honor to be part of the great family of European football. Signed: Romania’s National Football Team.’

Football fans praised Romania for cleaning their dressing room and for the letter; with one calling it ‘Perfect’.

Another fan hailed ‘classy’ Romania, adding the team played with ‘heart to the end’.

They wrote: ‘That’s class. Romania, you’ve got a team to truly be proud of, they played with heart to the end and lost with honor and grace.

Romania fans stayed at the stadiumlong after the final whistle to applaud their players after the defeat

UEFA also paid tribute to Romania by sharing the photos with the caption: ‘The perfect guests. Following their elimination from Euro 2024 last night, Romania left their  Munich dressing room spotless with a touching letter to their German hosts.’

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