Romania’s Social Democrats seek ways to delay a new government taking office

Sursa: INQUAM/George Călin

Romania’s biggest party may boycott a parliamentary session to invest the government of Liberal Prime Minister Ludovic Orban in a bid to buy time and regain popularity ahead of elections scheduled this year.

Marcel Ciolacu, the acting chairman of the Social Democratic Party, said the group may adopt the tactic which would delay a new government taking office.

Parliament removed Orban’s government on Wednesday in a no-confidence vote, but President Klaus Iohannis nominated him again to form a government.

If Social Democrat lawmakers and allied parties don’t attend the session, there would not be a quorum. It would make the session void and thereby stall early elections which the party doesn’t want.

The Social Democrats may also seek to delay a new government taking office by asking the Constitutional Court whether it is legal to nominate the same prime minister as the one dismissed.

The Liberals which scored 47% in a recent opinion polls want to capitalize on their popularity and push for snap elections.  Romania has never had early elections since communism ended 30 years ago.

If two cabinets fail to win parliamentary approval within a 60-day period, the president can dissolve Parliament, triggering early elections.

The Social Democrats seek to regain power after their government was ousted in a vote of no confidence in October.

They need time to choose a new leader and prepare for elections. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for the fall.


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