South Korea donates $1 ml for Ukrainian refugees in Romania

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    The Republic of Korea is donating one million dollars to strengthen UNICEF’s support to the government of Romania in response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis, ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania Rim Kap-soo, and UNICEF representative to Romania Anna Riatti announced on Tuesday, UNICEF said in a statement.

    The announcement of the donation followed the visit of the two officials to the UNICEF-supported Blue Dot center for refugee children and families located in Bucharest’s Sector 6.

    The Korean government is well aware of the suffering of the Ukrainian people and refugees, caused by the prolonged war. Therefore, our government has shown its support through continuous donations. In addition to the $100 million in humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian government, the Korean government is diversifying its assistance channels through UNICEF in order to provide direct support to those in urgent need, and this donation is one such effort. It is very important to see how our support materializes in assistance offered to the children and families at the Blue Dot center in Sector 6, and the Embassy will continue cooperation with the Blue Dot center. The Republic of Korea will actively participate in Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery efforts, said Rim Kap-soo.

    In her turn, Anna Riatti expressed her gratitude for the „generous” contribution of the Republic of Korea, which will allow UNICEF to expand the support offered to the government in response to the humanitarian crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine.

    In his address, Sector 6 mayor Ciprian Ciucu showed that the Blue Dot Sector 6 center provides support to the refugees who request assistance in this area of the Capital City, emphasizing that over 2,500 refugees have been offered assistance by the Sector 6 social workers and that thanks to public-private partnerships, more than half of them have been integrated into the community or received support for integrating in Romania.

    According to UNICEF, the Blue Dot center is part of a network of support centers set up by UNICEF and its partners throughout the country, including central, county and local authorities, civil society organizations and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, to respond to the basic needs of children and families who have taken refuge in Romania, and provide them essential services. Until the beginning of August 2022, over 42,000 Ukrainian refugee women and children have benefited from at least one type of support service offered in Blue Dot centers in Romania.

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