Spooked by death: Romanian town bans public display of coffins and wreaths

pompe funebre, cruce
Inquam Photos / Florin Cornel

A town in southern Romania has banned funeral parlors and undertakers from displaying coffins, crosses and wreaths outside their shops or in any place where they might be in public view.

Mayor of the town of Alexandria, Victor Dragusin, on Monday signed off on decision to ban undertakers from publicly displaying their wares.

Under the new rules, advertising or publicity boards in the vicinity of funeral parlors are not allowed to contain elements that explicitly refer to funerals, except for crosses.

The town hall said the move came after “a growing number of residents” complained about the presence of coffins and other funeral paraphernalia in the street “which makes it hard for pedestrians” and also creates “an unpleasant look for passers-by.”

The statement said that the ban had gone into effect on January 1 following a vote by local counselors in September.

It said that coffins and crosses should be placed in special places “where they are behind opaque glass and not visible to the public.

It said that vendors of wreaths at Alexandria’s main market should not publicly display wreaths.

It said the companies that did not respect the ban risked fines or even having their companies shut down.

Agerpres news agency reported that there are 12 funeral companies in Alexandria, a town of about 42,000 that is the seat of the county of Teleorman. Most of them are in the town center.

It is the first known case in Romania where a town bans coffins and wreaths from being publicly displayed.


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