Stunning long-distance photo of Romanian mountains captured from capital Bucharest

Foto: Dan Mihai Bălănescu

It was certainly a room with a view. And what a view.

A Romanian photographer has taken a stunning photo of snow-capped mountains more than 100 kilometers from Bucharest generating admiration and disbelief.

Dan Mihai Balanescu was given a tip-off that there was a clear view north on Wednesday and headed to the top floor of the Intercontinental in downtown Bucharest.

Armed with patience, “training, practice and a bit of luck,” he took about 150 photos over 1½  to two hours he told Digi24 in an interview.

 He picked out a couple of his best shots and posted them. The images went viral in the next two days among the Romanian social media community leading to the television interview to explain his technique.

The result is an almost improbable image of the Bucegi Mountains about 120 kilometers away viewed from a top quality telescopic lens.

The picture has that extra “wow factor” as Bucharest mostly a flat city, at an altitude of about 50 meters above sea level.

The Intercontinental is one of the tallest buildings in the city, standing 77 meters high. It has 25 floors.

Balanescu said he managed to get the shot due to optimal weather conditions and a top quality lens which he brought into the television studio.

While Balanescu has been widely congratulated, some posters speculated he’d used photoshop or a special device. Others posted their own photos, taken the day where the mountains were visible, but they lacked the same clarity and composition.

Balanescu denied he’d used trickery. “It’s not an edited photo, you can see the mountains from Bucharest especially from tall buildings in the north of Bucharest. It’s just rare to see them so clearly.”


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