Swiss EU contribution to pump 1 bln euros into Romania

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania’s Government has approved a Framework Agreement between Romania and the Swiss Federal Council regarding the implementation of the second Swiss contribution in certain member states of the European Union for the reduction of economic and social disparities, signed in Bucharest in December 2022.

According to a press release, the Framework Agreement details the institutions in Romania and Switzerland responsible for the implementation of the Swiss contribution, the method and principles of implementation of the contribution, as well as the thematic areas in which the support measures will be developed.

„Through this Agreement, Romania will benefit from 221.5 million Swiss francs (over 1 billion RON) from the non-refundable financial contribution approved by the Swiss Parliament for economic and social cohesion for some member states of the European Union, in order to reduce economic and social disparities from the EU”, the press release states.

The cited source specifies that the objectives of the financial contribution are: promoting economic growth and social dialogue, reducing unemployment among young people; managing migration and supporting integration; increasing safety and public security; protecting the environment and climate; strengthening social systems, civic involvement and transparency.

„These funds will be allocated through the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program, a bilateral implementation program. The eligibility period for the expenses related to the support measures ends on December 3, 2029. Switzerland will have the right to visit, monitor, examine, hear and evaluate all the activities and procedures related to the implementation of the support measures, as Switzerland considers to be relevant”, the release also states.

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