Swiss investor to develop wind farms in Romania

Swiss renewable energy producer Axpo announced on June 28 that it intends to develop two wind farms with a total installed capacity of 250MW in Romania. Construction is expected to commence at the end of 2023 in locations about 100 km northeast and 200 km east of Bucharest.

The facilities will produce 750 GWh of electricity annually – equivalent to the power consumption of around 375,000 Romanian households.

Axpo will work closely with the local partner Aquarius Energy Developments to complete the project.

Axpo explained that it is pursuing a niche strategy directed primarily at markets that are not yet the focus of large wind energy developers. Romania meets most key criteria in the assessment of new markets: strong demand for additional renewable capacity, high local acceptance of renewable energies, a medium-sized market, good wind conditions, and few restrictions in the planning process.

„Like the main markets of Germany and France, in which we have been successful for many years, Romania holds enormous potential for the development of wind farms”, commented Iulian Alexe, responsible for Axpo’s wind power business in Romania.

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