Romanian NGOs seek volunteers for mountain trail cleaning

Hidden-gems-in-the-Carpathians. Credit: Outdoor Activities
Hidden-gems-in-the-Carpathians. Credit: Outdoor Activities

The Carpathian Mountain Association and the green NGO Let’s Do It, Romania! have launched the campaign „Let’s Do It, Carpathians!”, which aims to clear the waste currently littered on the hiking trails in natural mountainous regions.

The campaign started earlier this year, in May, and will run for five months total, separated into three phases. The first phase consisted of independent mountain trail cleaning sessions, the result of which was the collection of 150 kg of waste from mountain massifs across the country.

The second phase planned consists of a series of coordinated clean-up events, which will take place in July, in various mountainous regions of the country. Each event in this phase is about 5 hours long and involves walking the tourist trails. These events have been announced on their websites and social media pages, and any and all nature-lovers are invited to volunteer. Participants must be equipped with lightweight protective clothing, hiking boots, a waterproof jacket, a sun hat, a small rucksack, a water bottle, snacks, and SPF lotion.

The project’s third stage takes place in September. On September 18, the two organizations will join forces to collect as much waste as possible from all over the country, be it in the mountains, on the plains, or from the city outskirts.

“Together with all those who love the mountains and nature, we aim to clean up as many mountain trails around the country as possible. We are confident that in time, and through the power of example, we will succeed in making tourists responsible, to the extent that they not only stop littering but that they also begin collecting the debris that they encounter on the mountain paths”, states the Carpathian Mountain Association.

The association explains that, as opposed to the cleaning of public spaces in inhabited areas, which is mostly the responsibility of local authorities, on mountain paths, where access is more difficult, the responsibility falls mainly on hikers.

“It is the responsibility of every mountaineer to protect nature, not to leave behind anything they take with them to the mountains, and not to damage or destroy nature or mountain infrastructure. We need to act in greater numbers, as often as possible, and inspire others to do the same”.

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