The Bucha atrocities pushed the West into the danger zone. Now it’s time for Romania to tackle its Kremlin propagandists

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  • Diana Șoșoacă, Mihai Lasca, Dumitru Coarnă, Francisc Tobă – deputies, tricksters, Putinism.
  • Olivia Steer, Oana Lovin, Georgiana Arsene – Taliban nutritionism, anti-vaccinism, video chat, Sputnik, Putinism.
  • Dan Puric – acting, Putinism.
  • Călin Georgescu, George Simion – arivism, parvenitism, hypocrisy, AUR, populism, Putinism.
  • Adrian Severin, Adrian Năstase – corruption, politics, Putinism.
  • His Eminence Teodosie – moral misery, hypocrisy, criminal mischief, Putinism.

I imagine quite a few Romanians now know the name of a Ukrainian city that they had never heard of before by heart: Bucha. (Wikipedia has just dedicated a page to it). I also think they have seen the images of horror that have caused international outrage, images of stillness – the corpses of civilians executed by the Russians, left to rot in the street, or in mass graves, dug in a hurry. I hope that many of us, at least this time, won’t fall into the trap of complacency and will try to imagine in our mind’s eye the impossible stench of crimes committed by the Russian army, in the tradition of the Russian army.

The view is terrible, the smell is inhuman, the drama of the survivors is acute. We are cursed if we are ignorant or indifferent. The discussions about the atrocities in Bucha and around Kyiv region committed by the Russians will become more important in the coming days. Let’s not turn away from the images of horror, nor neglect to learn by heart the names of the Romanians in the list above. In some way, our fellow citizens are accomplices and are stained with innocent blood. And they are dangerous, given their audience on social media or in various corners of public life. Allow them to further express themselves publicly, and they will  continue to feed lost minds with their lost souls.  They will also be legitimately complicit in other Russian massacres in Ukraine.

The list of the Kremlin’s propagandists in Romania is much longer than above. I do not have room to list all the ‘poisoned spears’ here. Bur I appeal to civic organizations and even more so to Romanian state institutions to make an index and keep an eye on them. At least now! These local transmission belts that have imported a totalitarian ideology have lost the right to make a living on their words.

So, Șoșoacă, Lasca, Tobă, Coarnă, Steer, Lovin, Arsene, Puric, Georgescu, Simion, Severin, Năstase, Teodosie – their rightful place now (and others like them) is in a disciplinary battalion; one sent by Romania to pick up the dismembered and decomposed bodies from the Ukrainian streets, corpses riddled with bombs and bullets and to exhume the bodies tossed into mass graves. Their place, the place of these ladies and gentlemen is in a disciplinary battalion sent to listen to the testimonies of the survivors: raped women, orphaned children, pregnant women who gave birth in the basements,  the injured who were evacuated on a stretcher, of mothers of incurably sick children, removed from of hospitals to an almost certain death and the agony that precedes it. They should bee forced  to listen to the testimonies of elderly people who are forced to relive the horror that Russians already put in their bones, souls and minds when they were children and just starting out their lives.

Șoșoacă, Lasca, Tobă, Coarnă, Steer, Lovin, Arsene, Puric, Georgescu, Simion, Severin, Năstase, Teodosie – their rightful place (and others like them) is in a basement in Mariupol, Irpin or Kharkiv, while their heads are spinning from ‘Holy’ Russia’s bombing, as they defecate in the bucket and then eat, sleep and shiver with cold and fear in with others like them. They can’t leave this squalid existence without the risk of being torn apart.

Șoșoacă, Lasca, Tobă, Coarnă, Steer, Lovin, Arsene, Puric, Georgescu, Simion, Severin, Năstase, Teodosie – their natural place (and others like them) is, after all these torments, in the bowels of oblivion and, depending on each case in Rahova prison. – I can’t believe that everyone from the list simply offered their services. They must have had some vulnerability that made them easy to recruit.

Russian propaganda in Romania is losing the battle but it hasn’t given up. After the atrocities in Bucha and around Kyiv, there will fresh atrocities in this war. These propagandists should not be allowed to die a ‘natural death’ while sleeping or in their own beds. In order to avenge the present and prevent it from recurring in the future, the demise of Russian propaganda in Romania must be hard, deafening, not ugly or  memorable. Otherwise, tomorrow, we may face a similar fate to Ukrainians.

I initially intended this editorial to be about the elections in Hungary, a small country, but also a telling example how a corrupt state can emerge from a still immature society. I wanted to write about political imbecility and the death of common sense at a nationalk level. Viktor Orban’s Hungary, with or without Viktor Orban, will long be dragged down by this pro-Putin stance that he has adopted in recent years. I quickly changed my mind about the topic I wanted to write about  because the massacre of civilians in Bucha and in Kyiv marks a humanitarian, moral, political and geopolitical turning point. There must be other areas of Ukraine, still under Russian occupation, semi-occupation, or uninterrupted siege where atrocities are happening. But it’s not altogether bad. I will publish an editorial in the Hungarian election. There’s still time although time does not have endless patience.

Why are the atrocities in Bucha and the Kyiv area a turning point, given that in so many Ukrainian cities civilians are dying from Russian military projectiles directly targeting them and in their homes? It’s simple: because of the way they died – handcuffed, riding a bicycle, children, women, the elderly.

The Bucha massacre which was immediately compared to the Srebrenica massacre, will inevitably mobilize the international community in ways that will make it increasingly difficult to avoid a much more complicated Western involvement in Ukraine war. Since February 24, Western political and military leaders have involved in an unrealistic and complex ‘ballet’ trying to help Ukraine, the victim of Putin’s aggression, without triggering a global war. Starting from April 3, the complicated gymnastics of acceleration followed by putting on the brakes will have to be transformed. Many things cannot continue as before, but it is not clear how they can be adapted to the new paradigm and the new mood created by the massacre.

In what way, how effective and for how long will the post-Bucha transformations be? It’s hard to say now in this unreal game of chess and blood. However, we can say one thinh for sure: Putin is pushing the Ukraine war in a direction it shouldn’t be allowed to- World War III. This is no longer mere supposition. Pragmatically, the Kremlin has no other option. The massacre of Ukrainian civilians, along the lines the Russian army carried out in Bucha and the Kyiv region, opens the door for this.

This is one more reason to put the atrocities in Ukraine in the right context and, at the same time, to approach the issue of Russian propagandists in Romania from a completely different angle, one that infinitely more radical than before.

So, Șoșoacă, Lasca, Tobă, Coarnă, Steer, Lovin, Arsene, Puric, Georgescu, Simion, Severin, Năstase and Teodosie – to start with the core group, the list is open. We just need to find the appropriate antidote.

No, Russia IS more corrupt than Ukraine (though the Kremlin doesn’t want you to know that)  


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