The kids that never grew up. Romania remembers the children killed during the 1989 revolution

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Some died as they slept when stray bullets whistled through their windows; others were shot in their family cars. Teenagers who took to the streets to call for an end to communism were gunned down.

Bloodiest uprising

Nobody knows the exact number of people who were killed in East Europe’s bloodiest uprising, although the official figure stands at 1,116.

The chapter of the 36 children who died during the shooting is one of the least reported of the revolution.

Nobody has been punished for the shooting and investigations have stalled, resumed only to stall again over the years. Commentators say that while Ion Iliescu, who came to power during the uprising is still alive, there will never be a proper investigation. He is charged with crimes against humanity, but a trial has yet to start.


The youngest person to die was Vladimir Andronic. He was barely one month old when gunfire erupted around the flat where his family lived in Bucharest. Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu had been toppled, but he was on the run and was yet to face trial.

As bullets ricocheted around the building, his parents moved him into a bedroom to safety.

Or so they thought. Moments later a bullet whistled through the window and grazed his head. After an hour and a half of agony, he died.

Corina Roșca, from the central city of Brașov, was six years old. She was sleeping between her parents when a bullet pierced the window. It hit her and she died. Her  parents were unscathed, though the suffering lingers.

Three-year-old Alin Paul Chircă was in the car with his parents in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu when a volley of bullets hit their car. Thirty-five bullets punctured the car bonnet.


George Atomei, also from Brașov was one of thousands who went out on to the streets to protest against Ceausescu’s 24-year rule with its food and energy shortages and atmosphere of fear. The 17-year-old was shot in front of the Capitol Hotel.

In Timișoara where the revolution began on December 15, Andreea Negruţiu, 9, and Cristina Afloarei, 7, were shot dead. In Constanța on the Black Sea, Tudor Samir, 6, was killed.


Here is a list of the children who never had a chance to grow up.

Vladimir ANDRONIC, Bucharest, one month.

Cristina LUNGU, Timişoara, 2.
Cătălina ANGHEL, Bucharest, 3.
Alin Paul CHIRCĂ, Sibiu, 3.

Samir TULUŞ, Constanţa, 5
Corina ROŞCA, Braşov, 6
Cristina AFLOAREI, Timişoara, 7
Laura – Adreia NEGRUŢIU Laura-Andreia, Timişoara, 9
Adriana ATANASIE , Reşiţa, 10.
Adrian-Florin NEGRU, Braşov, 12
Petrişor BOZAR, Timişoara, 13
Luminiţa BOŢOC, Timişoara, 13
Octavian BURCIOAICA, Bucharest, 13.
Adriana Văsăi CHIRIŢĂ, Bucharest, 13
Cosmin DOGA, Constanţa, 13.
Marian NICULESCU, Bucharest, 13
Adina CHIRIŢĂ, Constanţa, 13
Gabriela TAKO, Timişoara, 14.
George-Eduard ATOMEI, Braşov, 16
Nicuşor COCHIRLEANU, Bucharest, 16
Costel POENAR, Cluj, 16.
Raluca Mihaela SĂLĂJAN, Bucharest, 16.
Florian TIAN Florian, Bucureşti, 16.
Gheorghe CORDUNEANU, Braşov, 17
Alexandru Radu IONESCU, Bucharest, 17
Constantin IOSUB, Timişoara, 17
Gheorghe Iosif KELEMEN, Timişoara, 17
Leonard KILINGER, Bucharest, 17.

Iulian Liviu MARIN, Bucharest, 17.

Victor MATEESCU, Bucharest, 17

Radu Alexandru MĂNESCU, Bucharest, 17
Constantin-Cristian RĂDULESCU , Bucharest, 17

Ilie TELECEAN, Timişoara, 17
Vanea TIMOŞENCO, Bucharest, 17

Vasile TINACUI, Bucharest, 17

Cătălin- Florentin VLADU, Bucharest, 17.


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