Trucks face mammoth 15-hour wait at Romanian border crossing

Sursa foto: politia de frontiera

Trucks are waiting up to 15 hours at Romanian border crossings with Ukraine, border police said on Sunday, reporting that waiting times were down on the previous day.

The longest queues on Sunday were at the Siret border crossing with Ukraine where drivers were facing a 900-minute wait to leave Romania and 120-minute, or two hours to enter.

Siret customs has five lanes for coming into Romania and two for leaving,  Trafic Online reported.

”Heavy traffic on roads out of Romania, and there are a lot of trucks at checkpoint,” the Romanian Border Police said in a statement.

Other border points were also jammed.

At the Danube port of Galati, also bordering Ukraine, truckers faced a seven-hour wait to leave Romania and three hours to enter. At Isaceea, also on the Danube, the waiting time was five hours to leave.

Still, the situation at the border was better than on Saturday evening when lorries had to wait more than 17 hours to exit the country via Siret.

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