US Congress praises Romania for aid given to Ukraine

The U.S. Congress has praised Romania for aid offered to Ukraine after Russia invaded, recognizing its strategic role in the region.

Democratic and Republican members of the House of Representatives tabled a roundtable discussion called „Romania’s support to Ukraine in counteracting the Russian aggression,”  organized by the Romanian Embassy in Washington.

During the talks, U.S Congress representatives emphasized the importance of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States

They said bilateral  cooperation in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was essential for preserving a rules-based international order.

American officials also acknowledged Romania’s prominent role in managing the humanitarian and security crisis caused by the wat with regional and global effects.

Democratic and Republican members of Congress, members of the Information, Armed Forces, Internal Security, Legal, and Helsinki committees attended the roundtable, including: Bill Huizenga, Jason Crow, Sylvia Garcia, Eric Swalwell, Victoria Spartz, Linda Sanchez, Joe Wilson, Steve Cohen, Jim Costa, and Robert Aderholt.

Ambassador Andrei Muraru, Romanian Senator Titus Corlățean, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Policy Commission, Culture Minister Lucian Romașcanu, and lawmakers Ben-Oni Ardelean, Alexandru Muraru, Pavel Popescu, and Dan Cristian Popescu were part of the Romanian delegation.

Romanian delegates described how the country has managed the refugee crisis and provided  humanitarian assistance.

They also showed how officials have facilitated the export of Ukrainian cereals, strengthened Ukraine and Moldova’s energy resilience, and condemned Russia’s actions.

They underlined the importance of establishing an international tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

US Congress sends emergency $12.3 billion to prevent government shutdown in Ukraine



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