US Embassy ‘deeply concerned’ about suspension of Romanian judge over social media posts

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

The U.S embassy in Romania says it is  “deeply concerned” about the suspension of outspoken Romanian judge.

Judge Cristi Danilet was excluded from the judicial profession on Monday over private posts on Tik-Tok, he said. The posts were not connected to his work.

“An independent justice system which respects the rule of law is essential for any democracy,” a statement from the embassy said. “As President (Joe) Biden recently said at the #SummitforDemocracy, democracy doesn’t happen by accident.”

“We have to renew with every generation. The U.S. is proud that to work in a partnership with Romania for democracy in the global community,”the embassy said Tuesday.

“We encourage the Romanian government to continue judicial reforms and necessary anti-corruption efforts.”

“Romanian citizens deserve an independent justice system which respects the rule fo law and democratic values. We must continue to support the values which unite us.”

Cristi Dănileț, who has called for the justice system to be reformed, has taken part in street protests against a series of laws that would have made it harder to prosecute high-level corruption.

The Superior Council of Magistrates  excluded Cristi Danileț from the judiciary on the claiming that his conduct had “harmed the image of justice system”.

The decision is not final, and Mr Danileț has announced that he will appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court.

He was suspended over two video posts. In  one, he cuts his hedge and the other he cleans a swimming pool.

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