VIDEO | Romanian woman, 90, narrowly avoids being hit by heavy truck (but lands a fine)

Sursa: Captură video

She’s lived through a world war, decades of communism and more recently the pandemic.

But one 90-year-old woman had maybe her closest brush with death yet in her long life on Wednesday morning.

The woman was crossing the road near the eastern port of Galati at about 10.30 am when a heavy truck narrowly avoided hitting her.

Video shows how the woman engages in crossing the road and doesn’t appear to check the traffic.

The truck driver swerves sharply at an angle of 90 degrees and crashes into a wall reported.

The unnamed woman was unscathed.



The Galati county police inspectorate said the incident happened in the village of Movileni.

A 37-year-old Romanian truck driver veered sharply to the right to avoid a pedestrian who was crossing the road in an unmarked place, police said. The truck smashed into an outside wall.

The woman continued to walk along as if noting had happened, police said. She was later identified by CCTV camera.

Police fined the  nonagenarian 435 lei (about 85 euros)  for crossing the road in an unauthorized place

The truck driver passed a breathalyzer test.

More than 1,800 people died in traffic accidents in Romania 2019, the highest rate compared to the population in the European Union. Excessive speed causes 17.2% of road accidents, followed by undisciplined cyclists.

Not giving pedestrians priority when crossing the road, and illegal overtaking maneuvers are other reasons.

UPDATE. Romanian drivers can be “immature, aggressive, treat driving as a game,” road safety specialist says



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