A load of bull. Police detain man after he tried to buy cows with counterfeit euros


A man who was allegedly planning to pay for a herd of cows with fake 500-euro notes has been detained by police in northern Romania.

The Botosani County Police Directorate said on Wednesday they caught the man red-handed with 12,000 euros of counterfeit euros in his car which he intended to buy cattle with.

It said the 61year-man from the small village of Dobarceni in northern Romania near the border with Moldova is being investigated on suspicion of using counterfeit money and fraud.

“In December 2020, after purchasing some cattle, he paid for them with 24 falsified banknotes of 500 euros,” the statement said.

The unnamed man has been detained for 24 hours for questioning. Prosecutors can ask for his arrest.

In a separate counterfeit money case, Romanian prosecutors said Wednesday that three people would stand trial on charges of counterfeiting 100-lei notes worth 2.2 million lei from 2014 to 2020 in the country’s biggest ever counterfeit money operation.

The three were caught by Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism in June.


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