Accidental destruction of Roman sarcophagus represents significant cultural loss

A 1,700-year-old sarcophagus with an inscription dating from the second century and the carved face of Medusa in stone has sadly been inadvertently destroyed by an excavator in the cemetery of Alba Iulia, Romania.

A local resident, who perceived that there could be a major archaeological discovery at hand, reported the incident. When archaeologists arrived, they were dismayed to find that the 1,700-year-old sarcophagus had been destroyed and historical fragments were scattered throughout the area, reports Romania Insider.

The worker who destroyed the sarcophagus was expanding the cemetery in Alba Iulia and came across some boulders. Not knowing what they were, the man continued to dig and extract the pieces of stone with the excavator. A local resident took photos of the rubble and sent them to representatives of the National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia.

„We looked at the fragments on the ground and discovered a series of elements that lead us to conclude that we are dealing with a sarcophagus. There are pieces of the sarcophagus lid and the coffin. A Roman stone sarcophagus comprised two ‘operculum’ and ‘arca’. There are pieces of the coffin and the lid, which has four-quarters of a sphere at the corner. […] We also have the sculptural decoration with the face of the Gorgon Medusa. It is a typical decoration for workshops in Alba Iulia, and it is represented in other funerary monuments, but it is a rarity,” said George Bounegru, an expert in funerary archaeology at the National Museum in Alba Iulia, in a statement for


  1. Such a loss! There is so much to discover about this land as it was in times long gone by. The discoveries so enrich us that we benefit with each of them. May they be heavily protected and thus enable us to learn from this long existence of humans in this very land. Such struggles should not be lost but remain in a way that we can learn from them the lessons that can be gained from knowing about them and from the understanding that throughout time it is clear to see how some ways of living are beneficial and others lead to disaster.


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