Barcelona prepares to ban Airbnb

Sursa foto: Wikipedia

By 2028, Barcelona authorities have said they will get rid of all short-term private rentals in the city.

This would involve cancelling the licenses of 10,101 apartments currently approved.

Barcelona made the unexpectedly drastic announcement on Friday as it seeks to rein in soaring housing costs and make the city liveable for residents, says The Independent.

Rent has soared 68% and selling prices have jumped to 38% in the past ten years.

„We are confronting what we believe is Barcelona’s largest problem”, said the mayor.

Barcelona is a major touristic hub, with Spain as the third most visited country in the world.

But some say that a ban will trigger an increase in illegal alternatives. But this isn’t something new – 9,700 illegal tourist apartments have been shut down since 2016.

Hotels, however, are clearly set to benefit.

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