Between 20-25% of Romanians ‘radically anti-vaccine’ survey shows

Foto: INQUAM/George Călin

Between one-fifth and one-fourth of Romanians are radically anti-vaccine, a survey published Friday said.

Almost 48%  of respondents claimed to have had at least one jab ( 9.2% one shot,  38.7% fully vaccinated). Although the majority haven’t been vaccinated, 36.7% said they “could be convinced into have a shot.”

Of those who aren’t inoculated, 80% said they didn’t have enough information or didn’t understand what the vaccine contained, reported.

About 40% of adults are vaccinated against Covid-19 in Romania. the second-lowest rate in the European Union after Bulgaria.

On Friday, Romania administered 98,000 Covid-19 jabs. Of those, about 28,000 were people getting their first shot, authorities said

INSCOP Research  carried out the survey from 17 – 25 October when there were hundreds of Covid-19 deaths a day. The survey was ordered by the STRATEGIC Thinking Group, a think tank.

Some 2,830 over 18 were questioned.

Respondents were asked why they were hesitant about the vaccine and the survey tested different ways to encourage people to get a jab, using  Health Belief Model which is used internationally to study health behavior.

Results suggested that between 30% and 40% of unvaccinated people could be convinced to get a jab “through reasonable effort.” Including better communication and logistics.

Some 53% of vaccinated people said they got their information from television. About 24% of unvaccinated people said they tapped into social media.

Even so, between 20% and 25% of unvaccinated people had a “dogmatic, hostile attitude to the vaccine.”

Their views came from personal assessment, either objective or influenced by disinformation. Some said they had insufficient information about the vaccine, sad Remus Ştefureac, the director of INSCOP Research.

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