Big changes for Trump and Biden

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The US Supreme Court has granted presidents a definitive “absolute immunity” from prosecution for core official acts. 

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: “We conclude that under our constitutional structure of separated powers, the nature of presidential power requires that a former president have some immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts during his tenure in office. At least with respect to the President’s exercise of his core constitutional powers, this immunity must be absolute.”

As a result, Donald Trump’s trial has been delayed for after presidential elections in November. 

The case hasn’t been totally dismissed, but it certainly pleases Trump, who pleaded for presidential immunity in light of election distortion. 

This is another hit to Joe Biden after his poor performance in the presidential debate a few days ago. 

Biden chastised the Supreme Court harshly for the decision, regardless, Trump has been leading in opinion polls since Biden appeared incoherent in the televised debate.

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