Britain interested in COVID-19 vaccine being developed in Romania

Inquam Photos / Virgil Simonescu

Britain’s Ambassador to Romania Andrew Noble on Wednesday spoke to a leading Romania scientist developing a vaccine to treat COVID-19, and following the call said he would link Romanian scientists to British researchers to share their research.

Noble spoke to Professor Virgil Paunescu, who is the director of the Center for Gene and Cellular Therapies in the treatment of Cancer, which is developing the “OncoGen” vaccine candidate to combat the virus.

“We know that the route to a vaccine against COVID-19 presents many challenges, and must be an urgent collaborative effort involving governments, the pharmaceutical sector and the scientific community across the world,” Noble said.

He said the British government has committed £388 million to vaccines, tests, and treatments. It co-hosted the May 4 Global Coronavirus Pledging Conference, at which £6.5 billion (7.5 billion euros) was pledged by governments across the world.

“I appreciated the opportunity to hear Professor Paunescu discussing the progress of his trial,“ he said. “We will gladly assist his team in making contact with British vaccine researchers so that they and his team can discuss and share their research.

“Romania should be proud to have produced a candidate vaccine, which will contribute to our growing knowledge of the virus,” a statement said adding that proper funding vaccine research and sharing the findings of scientific endeavour “is the only sure way to defeat this virus.”


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