UPDATE. Bucharest enters red zone amid rising Covid-19 infection rates

Inquam Photos / George Călin

Bucharest and other counties have entered the red zone on Wednesday after Covid-19 cases rose to 3.3 per 1,000 residents in the city of 2 million.

The counties of Timis and Satu Mare also went into the red zone, along with Ilfov, the area next to the Romanian capital.

The development means that people will need ‘green passes’ to attend concerts, football matches, restaurants, weddings or other events where there are large numbers of people.

Bucharest prefect Antonela Ghiță made the announcement on Wednesday morning after the infection rate rose from 2.91 to 3.3. The first and second district have more than 4 cases per 1,000.

Bucharest posted 1,044 new infections on Wednesday, four less than Tuesday when it was the highest rate since April 7. Romania added 7,045 new cases on Wednesday, the highest daily number this year. There were 130 Covid-19 related deaths.

The new rules will likely disrupt business and leisure events. Only 27% of Romanians are fully inoculated against the virus.

The infection rate is calculated over  a 14-day rolling period. Areas or region which have between 3 and 6 cases  per 1,000 residents automatically go into the red zone.

Only people who have received one of the vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna or Johson&Johnson, or have a negative Covid-19 test can attend large-scale events.

Covid vaccine booster jabs could be offered in Romania from next week


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