Bucharest Hackathon announced March 11-12

The best 100 Romanian programmers will compete in the first hackathon dedicated to cutting-edge technologies, to be held in Bucharest on March 11 and 12, reports Agerperes.

Registration for the competition is open until March 10. The prize pool is 10,000 USD.

The jury of the Bucharest Hackathon event is made up of IT entrepreneurs and top executives with technical departments of the companies genezio, Bware Labs, Google, Softbinator, Microsoft, Uipath, LeaseBlocks, and GitHub.

Competing in the hackathon are programmers working on software or hardware projects that uses blockchain, AI and DevTools technologies, with teams made up of two to four members.

The Bucharest Hackathon is the first event for experienced programmers from Romania who will work, on the weekend of March 11-12, 2023, on innovative software projects using cutting-edge technologies.

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