Car catches fire in major tunnel in Romanian capital; no injuries reported

Sursa: ISU Bucureşti-Ilfov

Fire engines rushed to a major tunnel in the Romanian capital on Tuesday morning after a car caught fire. Twenty people in the underpass were evacuated from their vehicles.

Head of the Emergency Services Raed Arafat said there were no injuries and the fire was  put out after eight fire engines went to the scene.

Thick smoke was seen pouring out of the Unirii Tunnel in downtown Bucharest. Police closed the area and traffic was diverted during the busy rush hour.

The underground passage, which has two separate lanes divided by a wall, will likely remain closed for an hour.

 Firefighters say there were about a hundred cars in the overpass, and 20 people were evacuated by rescuers, reported. Between 10 and 20 cars remain in the underpass.

Emergency officials said that the car was halfway in the tunnel when it caught fire. There were no further details about why the vehicle was set alight, such as whether it crashed into the wall.

The tunnel.which goes under the busy Unirii Square underwent extensive refurbishment his summer.

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