Coronavirus deaths double in Romania, as cases drop

Romania reported 1,059 new Covid-19 cases Tuesday, a drop from recent figures, while the number of fatalities was almost double the previous day.

The Strategic Communication Group said 22,000 tests were carried out, about three times that of the last 24-hour period. Testing drops over the weekend, and as a result fewer cases are reported.

On Tuesday, some 4.82 % people tested positive for the virus, the lowest positive outcome this month.

However, there were 45 deaths in the past day, almost double the figure for Monday.

Some 28 men and 17 women succumbed to the virus, of which one was in their 30s, another was in their 40s and six were in their 50s.

They all had preexistent health conditions such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

There was a rise in patients in intensive care. Nearly 500 are being treated in ICU out of

Meanwhile, although Bucharest had more new cases than anywhere else, it recorded just 99 new cases, the lowest figure since Sept. 2, and less than half Monday’s 228 infections.

The northern counties of Suceava and Iasi had 60 and 57 new cases respectively, higher than  higher than other places, following recent trends in those areas.

The cumulative total of cases climbed to 114, 648, while almost 92,169 patients with Covid-19 have recovered.

There are currently 11.090 people in self-isolation at home and 7,566 in institutionalized isolation.


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