Covid-19. Travelers from 48 ‘high risk’ countries need to quarantine when they enter Romania

Romanian authorities have updated the list of Covid-19 ‘high risk’ countries where quarantine is mandatory for arrivals when they enter the country.

There are 48 countries which are currently reporting higher numbers of new Covid-19 cases than Romania and are considered epidemiologically high-risk. Arrivals need to isolate for a fortnight when they arrive, authorities said.

The countries on the latest ‘yellow list’ include Spain, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, the U.S., Brazil and South Africa.

Travelers from these countries need to stay at home in quarantine for a fortnight or inform authorities of their address during 14 days of self-isolation.

Moldova has been taken off the list, published on Monday evening, which is updated every week.

Also Monday, the National Committee for Emergency Situations said that people who had received two Covid shots could forgo quarantine if they came from high-risk countries as long as at least ten days had passed since their booster shot.

The committee also decided that people could leave quarantine after ten days as long as they can provide a negative test from the  8th day of quarantine.

Romania reported 1,509 new cases on Monday, although only about 9,000 tests were carried out. Some 50 patients with Covid-19 died from Sunday to Monday lunchtime.

The number of new Covid cases has fallen in recent weeks. However, the number of patients who are gravely ill with the virus and require intensive care treatment has consistently remained above 1,000 since November 3, with a slight but gradual decline since December 17.


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