Demonstrators at the gates of the Russian embassy. ‘Putin, you have blood on your hands.’

Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

Dozens of people gathered outside the Russian embassy in Bucharest on Saturday to protest Russia’s  invasion of Ukraine and express their solidarity with Ukrainians.

Participants shouted “Ukraine, Ukraine,” voiced support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy   and sung the Ukrainian national anthem.

One demonstrator thew an egg at the Russian embassy and was questioned by police, reported.

Another protester painted his hands red and smeared them over a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ”Putin, you’ve got blood on your hands” he said.



Protesters said police tried to bundle the man into a car but protesters blocked the vehicle. He was freed and explained his message to fellow demonstrators.

There were anti-Russia protests in other cities. Some 300 gathered in the central city of Brasov and shouted anti-Putin slogans.

”We want peace, not war” and  ”Unite for Ukraine” and ”Putin’s a criminal” they shouted.

Earlier, people assembled outside the Ukrainian embassy and waved yellow and blue Ukrainian flags. “Together, we are stronger,” they said.

A number of ethnic Ukrainians joined the protest and shouted slogans in Ukrainian.

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