DiscoverEU: nearly 2000 young Romanians can travel throughout Europe

Sursa: Pixabay

1,974 Romanians who are 18 years old will receive free travel permits to explore the diversity of Europe, to learn new things about its history and cultural heritage, as well as to meet people from across the continent.

This is the „DiscoverEU” initiative, funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

Accepted applicants will travel mainly by train between March 2024 and May 2025.

To date, over 11,600 young Romanians have benefited from such a travel permit.

This DiscoverEU application round was open to young people born between 1 January 2005 and 31 December 2005, from both EU Member States and Erasmus+ associated countries.

In this round, a total of 144,038 young people registered, of which 36,318 were selected.

DiscoverEU also includes a learning dimension, with pre-departure meetings or information sessions held across Europe.

Young participants can join the official Facebook group #DiscoverEU to connect with the DiscoverEU community.

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