Drug use in Romania remains among the lowest in Europe

Romania has one of the lowest rates of illegal drugs across Europe, according to the Romania’s National Anti-Drug Agency.

The most commonly used drugs are the new psychoactive substances (NPS), followed by cannabis, cocaine, prescription drugs, and ecstasy.

Romania had one of the lowest rates of cannabis use in 2019, with only Turkey, Malta and Hungary recording lower rates. Only Turkey had a lower rate of cocaine use than Romania across the continent.

Hard drugs such as heroin, LSD, amphetamines, and solvents are the least frequently used illegal substances in Romania the study said.

The study showed that about one in ten people had used illegal drugs once in their lifetime, while 6% of people had dabbled with drugs in the past year.

Some 3.9% of people had used drugs in the past month.

People in the 15-34 age group have the highest prevalence of drug use, the study showed.

The number of people are addicted to long term use of LSD, non-prescription drugs, solvents and amphetamines is falling.

In  2017, the prevalence of high-risk opioid use was estimated to range from 0.8 to 2.9 per 1, 000 of the adult population, and the number of people who inject drugs in Bucharest was estimated to be close to 9, 000 in the same year.

Officially, 32 people died of a drugs overdose in 2019, although the real figure is believed to be higher.

Romania had 2.4 death per million inhabitants, the lowest in Europe, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction said.

In a related development, Romanian police made a record drug bust at the Black Sea port of Constanta last week, seizing 80 million euros worth of cannabis and amphetamine-based drugs, also known as „Jihad drugs”

Interviews were conducted in October and November 2019 and analyzed in 2020. The study was conducted on a sample of 7,200 respondents, of which 1,500 were from Bucharest and the neighboring Ilfov county.


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