Eleven retailers in Romania fined after misleading customers in Black Friday sale

Romanian authorities have fined 11 retailers for misleading customers in Black Friday sales.

The Consumer Protection Authority said Thursday it had launched a “A special Black Friday chapter” and had handed out fines of 275,000 lei (about 55,000 euros) to retailers for misleading customers with special promotions.

The consumer protection agency said some retailers were offering fake reduced prices and duping customers into thinking they were getting a reduction.

The eleven retailers were identified as:


Altex România SRL (www.mediagalaxy.ro)

Flanco Retail SA (www.flanco.ro)

FineStore Distribution SRL (www.finestore.ro)

Vivre Deco SA (www.vivre.ro)

Studio Moderna SRL (www.top-shop.ro)

Arsis Trading SRL (www.arsis.ro)

Lc Waikiki Retail Ro SRL (www.lcv.ro)

Elefant SRL (www.elefant.ro)

Premium Store SRL (www.premiumstore.ro)

Pc Garage SRL (www.pcgarage.ro)

Evolution Prest Systems SRL (www.evomag.ro)

The agency said that it had issued summons to retailers to stop “incorrect commercial practices.”

It said Media Galaxy which sells electronic goods had immediately fixed the issue.

It said it was continuing to investigate other retailers. Black Friday starts on November 12.

Consumers were asked to send complaints to e-mail bf@anpc.ro.

Black Friday first appeared in Romania in 2011. It has become a very high-profile retail event in recent years. Consumers are entitled to rely on the fact that a claimed saving is a genuine saving.

The  consumer protection agency investigates and punishes unfair commercial practices.

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