Ex-Romanian president Basescu is discharged from hospital, moves house after court evicts him from grace-and-favor residence

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Ex-Romanian president Traian Basescu has been discharged from hospital in Belgium, his wife said.

Maria Basescu said the couple are currently moving after Mr Basescu was evicted from a grace and favor residence following a court conviction.

Maria Basescu told Antena 3 that the former president was discharged on Wednesday from a hospital in Brussels after he was admitted last week, reportedly for a heart condition.

“We spoke 10 minutes ago and now I’m packing up. I think this is the ninth house I’ve lived in,” Maria Basescu told Antena 3 on Wednesday.

News of his hospitalization last week came a day after Romania’s high court convicted him of being an agent for the communist-era Securitate secret police.

The ruling means he loses his privileges as a former president such the state-provided home and security.

The infamous secret police was said to keep tabs on millions of Romanians under Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu with hundreds of thousands of spies.

Securitate files said that Mr Basescu, who served as a captain of commercial ships in the 1980s, had informed on colleagues and reported instances of dissent. The court said this made him guilty of acting for ‘the political police’ and violating civil rights.

The former president announced he would appeal the court ruling  at the European Court for Human Rights.

Mr Basescu, 70, is a member of the European Parliament. He was president from 2004 to 2014.

Top court rules ex-Romanian President Traian Basescu collaborated with Securitate secret police




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