Flamingos are back in the Danube Delta. ‘Don’t disturb them,’ authorities plead after 100 spotted in two lakes

flamingos, Danube Delta May 25, ARBDD/ INCDDD

They are pink, rare and easily disturbed. But flamingos are gingerly testing their long legs in Romania’s Danube Delta, officials say.

Last year, ten flamingos were spotted in the delta, in eastern Romania which borders southern Ukraine and the Black Sea. Authorities then called it a “rare sighing.”

Sporadic sightings

Before that, there had only been sporadic sightings of flamingos in the nature reserve.

But this week, more than 100 flamingos were observed in two locations in the delta,  authorities reported.

The large number of the birds with their long legs and striking bright pink plumage is a sign that there is an abundance of food and other favorable conditions in the delta.

Paradise for birds

The Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve said reserve officials spotted 49 flamingos on May 25 while they were monitoring the Sarături Murighiol lake, a protected area. It is known as “a paradise for birds.”

It is found in the southern part of the delta, not far from the Black Sea.

Later that day, they saw another 60 flamingos in Lake Tuzla Lake which is farther north.

Flamingos live in colonies and the female flamingo lays a single egg.

Pink feathers

Their distinct pink feathers are influenced by their diet and what food is available in the location, the reserve said.

“Flamingo birds are a very rare presence in Romania and they have been observed trying to nest. Let’s give them the peace they need so that this wonderful species becomes a more common presence in the future,” the reserve said on Facebook.

It asked visitors not to photograph the birds while they were nesting.

Highly mobile

Outside their reproduction period, the birds are highly mobile. Flamingos from the eastern Mediterranean, such as Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, or Turkey have been captured in France’s Camargue area, or even observed in Scandinavia.

There are some 300 species of resident and migrating birds that can be found in the Danube Delta, including cormorants, white tailed eagles, swans and pelicans.


Rare sighting of flamingos in Romania’s Danube Delta


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