Gen Zs now make up over a quarter of diaspora Romanians

Sursa: Pixabay

Over 9,500 people ages 10 to 25 left Romania for good last year. The country lost the equivalent of 400 classrooms full of children, and most of them never come back, a Ziarul Financiar analysis shows.

Around 28% (9,561) of Romanians who now leave the country never to return are Gen Z, a high point for the last decade. Ten years ago, only around 5,300 Gen Zs were doing the same. However, Romania’s young are only part of the people who decide to leave their birthplace for good. Last year, over 34,000 people left Romania without having the intention to return. The increase is obvious. In 2020, there were only 21,000, and ten years ago the figure stood at 18,000.

Some young Romanians leave with their entire family, while others go abroad alone, to study. In some cases, 20% of the graduates of some of Romania’s best high schools leave and never return.

„Most go to the EU – Netherlands, Germany, France, or Great Britain. Two or three of them go to the US”, Vasile Nicoară, principal of the Mircea cel Bătrân National College in Constanţa, told ZF. “Few of them want to return after graduating,” he added.


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