Greece lifts travel restrictions for Romanian tourists. ‘A good mood and passport is all that’s needed’-minister

Romanians will no longer need proof of a Covid-19 vaccine or a PCR test, Greece’s tourism minister  Vasilis Kikilias said Thursday.

During a visit to Bucharest, he said that Greece would supplement customs personnel to cope with an influx of tourists over the summer.

One million tourists are expected to holiday in Greece this year, he said, Hotnews reported.

Greece is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Romanian tourists from Easter through to September.

The minister said authorities had “almost lifted all the restrictions related to the pandemic,” encouraging Romanians to visit the country.

“All Romanians need is a good mood and a passport, there  is no need for  digital certificates, PCR or  rapid tests.”

Romanians can travel to Greece using their identity cards as well as passports. All Romanians are obliged to have identity cards, while passports are optional.

Greece will increase border officials by 50% this summer to addressing long  lines of traffic that mean tourists can wait for hours at the border. “I’m not saying there won’t be queues, but it will be much better than in the past,” he was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

Tourism and related services account for 25% of Greece’s GDP, he said.

Last year, during the pandemic,  Greece had revenues of 10.6 billion euros from tourism, double the estimates,  because the  authorities extended the season through  September and October which it will do this year too.



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