GREEN HOMES loan inches towards ecologization of Romania

Sursa: Pexels

Lender Garanti BBVA has granted a green loan to the Belgian developer Speedwell for a residential project certified by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) under the GREEN HOMES international standards. It represents the first loan of this kind in Romania.

The money was lent for phase 1 of THE IVY – the new residential project located in the Northern area of Bucharest. A project that is Green Homes-certified presents many advantages to homeowners, such as reduced living costs, a healthier environment focused on residents’ well-being, as well as the opportunity of receiving a green mortgage that offers a better interest rate and better contractual terms.

„The green financing for developers for construction along with the green mortgage provided to homebuyers provides the full spectrum of financial benefits from environmental and social performance in Romania. This positions Garanti BBVA at the forefront of financial innovation for sustainability at a European level”, said Elena Rastei, Certification Director of Romania Green Building Council.

Garanti BBVA offers other green financing products available to the bank’s clients, such as the Eco House mortgage loan.

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