Green pass, Emma Raducanu, quince jam and….  ‘When do you put the basil under your pillow? top Google searches in Romania revealed

Sursa: Pexels

The pandemic with its different variants, anti-Covid vaccines and  green passes were not surprisingly on Romanians’ minds this year.

As was Emma Raducanu, the British tennis teen star who shot to stardom after she won the U.S. Open without dropping a set this summer. Ms Raducanu, 18, has a Romanian father and Chinese mother.

The list of the most popular Google searches in Romania came out Wednesday, reported.

But if ‘green pass’ and ‘Emma Raducanu’ were predictable search words, other top searches on Google were more surprising.

In the ‘When?” section, ‘Black Friday’ was predictably common. But so was “When do you put the basil under the pillow?” The tradition which goes back centuries occurs several times over the course of the year, so that may be a part of the explanation.

The most popular search was for Euro 2020, the European football championship that was postponed after the pandemic broke out this year. It was held this summer and some matches played in Romania.

iPhone was another popular topic for Romanians. „Squid Game”, the Netflix South Korean  survival drama featuring people in deep financial debt who risk their lives to play a series of deadly children’s games for the chance to win a massive prize. It is currently Netflix most-watched series.

Romanian actress and TV personality (former wife of ex Romanian soccer star Alexandra Dinu) Alexandra Dinu, and the death of popular folk singer Petrică Mâţu Stoian were also top searches.

Danish football player Christian Eriksen who collapsed on the pitch during the Euro 2020 game against Finland, having suffered a cardiac arrest was another top search.

Pandemic health issues also sent Romanians to Google with anxiety and depression figuring among the top searches.

Food was another category that Google measures. Eclairs, quince jam…. and of course, ‘varza murata’ or pickled cabbage were the top searches.




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