Happy name day for 1.5 million Romanians named after Archangels St. Michael and Gabriel

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Almost 1.5 million Romanians named after the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, or Sfinţii Arhangheli Mihail and Gavriil in Romanian celebrate their name day on Tuesday.

According to population data, there are 1.45 million Romanians called different versions or derivations of Gabriel and Mihail in Romania, Agerpres reported.

Religious feast

The religious feast is one of the most important of the fall and Orthodox churches hold services to mark the day. It’s also a second birthday for Romanians named after them and a day when nobody is supposed to dust or wash the dishes– even if you aren’t called Gabriel.

The church considers the Archangels to be protectors that are ever present in people’s lives.

Michael’s name means “Who is like God?” and his  name is mentioned four times in the Bible. In the book of Revelation, there is the story of a great war that took place in heaven, in which Michael and his angels battled with Satan and the other fallen angels (devils).


Michael became the great champion of faithfulness to God and the victor over evil. Nowadays, he is our protector, guarding the people of God, defending the souls of the just, and bringing the souls to their final judgment.

Gabriel’s name means “the power of God.” He is familiar to as an important person in Luke’s Gospel when he announced to Mary that she was to be the mother of Jesus. Gabriel announced to Zechariah that he and St Elizabeth would have a son and call him John.

Gabriel is the announcer, the communicator of the Good News.

Second birthday

The religious connotation has been lost, and for many Romanians, it’s merely a second birthday and a chance to party and receive gifts and meet friends.

The most common name is Mihai– there are more than 370,000 Mihais in Romania, followed by Gabriel—almost 320,000.

Other derivatives are Mihail, Mihăiţă or Mihaiţă, Mihnea, Gavril, Gavrilă, Gabi and  Mihalache (which is also a family name).

The most common variations for women are  Mihaela; there’s almost 370,000 of them followed by Gabriela.


According to popular custom, on the day of Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, candles are lit for both the living and those who have died.

Another tradition says that the Romanians shouldn’t do laundry, sewing or other work around the house on this day.

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