Romania’s public holidays for 2022, a mix of religious feasts, dates of national importance

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Romanians went back to work on Monday but still have a number of public holidays to look forward to this year, although many of them fall during the weekend.

They are a mix of religious feasts and days of national historical importance. Children’s Day and Labor Day are two internationally themed holidays.

The first national holidays have already gone. They happened this weekend on New Year’s Day and Jan. 2.

Epiphany on Jan. 7 is the next feast day celebrated throughout the country, although officially it’s not a public holiday.

Later this month workers get another public holiday on Jan. 24 when Romania celebrates the Unification of the Romanian Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia, the core of the Romanian nation.

Public workers will get Orthodox Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday off, on April 22, 24 and April 25 this year.  Western Christians celebrate what Romanians call Catholic Easter a week earlier, which is not a public holiday.

A week later, Romanians get May 1  off to mark Labor Day although it falls on a Sunday in 2022.

Children’s Day on June 1 is a public holiday followed by June 12 and June 13, the first and second days of Pentecost. Pentecost or Whitsun is the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles following Christ’s Ascension.

As usual, Aug. 15 which is the Assumption of Mary and the Day of the Navy is a national holiday.  Mary is considered a patron saint of sailors.

St Andrew’s Day on Nov. 30 is the next national holiday. St Andrew is Romania’s patron saint. Romania’s national day on Dec. 1 which marks the reunification of Transylvania with the rest of Romania is a holiday.

As usual, Christmas Day which falls on a Sunday and Dec. 26 will also be days off.


Romanians also celebrate a number of saint’s days throughout the year, but they are religious feasts and not national holidays, apart from St. Andrew’s Day.


Orthodox Romanians celebrate St. Stephen’s Day




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