In Romania, coronavirus cases cross 8,000, with 400 deaths reported

Romanian authorities say the number of cases of confirmed coronavirus rose to 8,067 in while the death toll reached 400 on Friday.

The Strategic Communication Group said that there were 360 new cases in the last 24 hours. Apart from the deaths in Romania, 58 Romanians have succumbed to the virus abroad.

There are currently 258 patients receiving treatment for the illness in intensive care.

Almost 86,000 tests have been carried out, about 5,000 in the last day.

Some 1,508 patients have recovered from the virus, authorities said.

There are currently 22,129 people in institutionalized quarantine, and 50,702 people in self-isolation at home.

Romanian authorities say the virus will peak in the next two weeks, after Orthodox Easter on Sunday.

The Strategic Communication Group this week recommended that people wear surgical masks and gloves when shopping, to spend as little time as possible in a store and to keep a distance from other people.

Some Romanian counties have made masks compulsory in public.


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