Israel’s Likud party rejects outreach from ‘anti-Semitic’ Romanian party

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Lawmakers of Israel’s biggest party Likud have been instructed to have nothing to do with the Romanian AUR Party on grounds that it is anti-Semitic.

Likud’s foreign affairs director and spokesman Eli Hazan wrote to Knesset members late Saturday about the issue, the Jerusalem Post reported. He called the Romanian party ‘catastrophic.’


He explained that the newcomer was growing in popularity, in part because it is anti-establishment and opposes vaccines and restrictions.

“This party is anti-Semitic,” he warned.

He sent the message after a leader of the nationalist party, that has been accused of anti-Semitism, boasted he would meet representatives of the conservative Israeli party in April. The party chairman is ex Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/

The Likud official said he does not know of any party members who actually agreed to meet with AUR.

“I implore you: Don’t do it,” he wrote. “It is bad for the State of Israel, bad for Likud. The  Jewish community in Romania is very concerned about this announcement.”

‘Minor topic’

He referred to comments made by the party referring to the Holocaust as a “minor topic.”

Teaching it as a separate subject in schools, they say, is an “ideological experiment” and part of a “systematic action to undermine the quality of education in Romania,” the party said.

AUR, which came fourth in 2020 parliamentary election, was against a condemnation of anti-Semitism. A party leader, Claudiu Târziu, attended conferences of the local fascist movement.

Hazan said he asked the party to reject pro-Hitler fascist leader Marshal Ion Antonescu but it had not.

Elie Wiesel Commission

Marshal Antonescu’s policies were responsible for the deaths of 280,000-380,000 Jews in Romania and Ukraine, according to the Elie Wiesel Commission.

Hazan called the party “catastrophic.”

Likud  has faced criticism in the past for building contacts with European political parties founded by former Nazis, such as the Freedom Party in Austria and the Sweden Democrats.

Israeli Ambassador

Israeli Ambassador to Romania David Saranga recently criticized AUR for calling for less Holocaust education, calling them “insulting.”

The ambassador praised a law approved by the Romanian Parliament in November and supported by President Klaus Iohannis that would make Holocaust study compulsory.

Romania’s anti-Semitism czar Alexandru Muraru said: “A large-scale tragedy such as the Holocaust cannot be a ‘minor issue’ given that it led to the destruction of a significant percentage of the Jewish community in Romania.”

Update. Nationalist party’s ‘fascist-style’ attacks on media condemned by media groups, anti-Semitism czar



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