‘It hurts horribly’: Britons in Romania pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Billions are thought to have watched Britain say a final farewell to its iconic Queen Elizabeth II on Monday as hushed crowds lined the streets of London and Windsor where the late monarch will be laid to rest.


Around the world people mourned the passing of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and one of the most respected public figures of the last century.

Universul.net spoke to three Britons who live in Romania to ask them what the queen meant to them.

Sarah Chown, a language trainer, coach and long-time Bucharest resident spoke after watching the funeral on television.

„I did not expect to feel as deeply saddened by the death of our late Queen as I did, perhaps because I did not believe it would ever actually happen.


When it did, the shock was overwhelming. An era had come to an end and the world almost seemed to shift a little. Queen Elizabeth II had been there my whole life, a constant point of reliability, strength and dignity no matter what was going on in the world.

I grew up in a family that loved and respected the Queen immensely, went to a church school so she was part of school life too, and remember reading my mother’s many childhood books about the little princesses with my grandmother when I was little, completely enchanted.

As I grew older, our Queen became a grandmotherly figure, a solid, reassuring presence there in the background, discreet but never far away.

Witty quips

Perhaps living outside the UK for more than half my life made me grow fonder and fonder of her with time, but deeply fond of her I was. And am.

Her witty quips and great sense of humour brought her closer still. I feel as though I have lost my grandmother all over again, it hurts horribly and I still can’t believe she has gone.”

Jim Turnbull, the CEO, Transylvania Food Company / Pivnita Bunicii said:

I had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Agricultural Show in 1988, spending several minutes answering her questions about our company activities, and will forever cherish that memory. I am extremely saddened by her passing.


My wife and I are watching the state funeral on television. It will be very emotional.

I hope that an even busier schedule will allow His Majesty the King to continue his visits to Transylvania. He is a great ambassador for Romania.

For over 10 years we have supplied honey to Fortnum & Mason under the Highgrove label, and we hope that this will continue now that the Duchy of Cornwall has passed to William, Prince of Wales.


Rosie Cornwallis who rents out an enchanting loft called ‘the Magic Cottage’ in Transylvania watched the funeral from her rural home.

„How wonderfully it was all done and the pageantry and tradition that the British do best.
The young soldiers that bore her coffin on three occasions so carefully.

God Save the King

What an honour to carry the body of the longest reigning monarch in British history to her resting place. Their mothers must be so proud,” she wrote on Facebook.

„I could almost feel a burden lifted when they removed the sceptre, orb and crown from her coffin. I sang ‘God Save the King’ standing up in my kitchen as I was brought up to do. Rest well our much-loved Queen.”

Rock of England

„I thank you for being the rock of England and for so many around the world for so long. God save the King.”

Britons in Romania remember Queen Elizabeth II as ‘mother of the nation’




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